Deploying and Managing High Performance Wireless Telecommunications Infrastructure



When you work with CarrierClass Deployment Services (CCDS) you are dealing directly with a management team that has acquired, zoned, leased, operated, and interconnected hundreds of sites; all the way from a lowly paging site to a 48,000 square foot telecom bunker. Our primary focus is delivering a wide range of expertly managed and implemented services and systems to wireless service providers, corporations, public entities, and tower owners.


Antenna Site Management

CCDS offers rooftop and tower site management for maximum utilization and income by one of the most experienced teams in the nation. CCDS has performed this service for demanding clients such as Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals LP and Advance Realty Group.


Backhaul Facilities Deployment

Microwave deployment specialist for both wireless carriers and critical industrial and public safety applications. The Carrier Class microwave backhaul and transport facilities deployment team is distinguished for its depth of experience in microwave transmission systems within critical wireless carrier environments. Our resume includes both cell site backhaul and high capacity microwave backbones in the New York Metro market for AT&T.


Wireless Site Zoning and Permitting

Wireless site zoning, permitting, and compliance management by telecom specialist attorneys. Our team has been acquiring, zoning, and permitting land for decades. We deal with landowners and government, and are experienced and skilled in negotiating on behalf of our clients.


Renewable Energy Deployment for Wireless Networks

CCDS offers a variety of options for those in the broadband telecommunication industry that are seeking a renewable energy solution. From feasibility studies to system design to financing, CCDS has a full offering of services such as Portfolio‚Äźwide Independent Power Production, Solar Power Purchase Agreements (SPPA) and Utility Scale Solar Farm Development.